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bruised toe

Phalangeal Fracture

Like the old song says, “There must be fifty ways to…” – break your toe! Stubbing it on the bedpost, kicking a ball, tripping on a root, falling down the

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Foot pain

Dealing With Ankle Arthritis

Imagine rubbing two small, plastic boxes against each other. If the material they’re made of is smooth, they’ll glide easily back and forth as you move them. Now imagine taping

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Ankle fracture

The Severity Of The Fracture

Have you ever jumped or fallen from a step that was just a bit higher than you expected? You can feel the sting and ache reverberate painfully through your feet.

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foot diagram showing Lisfranc Injury

Lisfranc Injury

Treating any health condition accurately is extremely important for a successful recovery. If the condition you are dealing can present as another condition and you treat it as if it

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Man running outside

Why Do My Shins Hurt When I Walk?

Your body is filled with paired groups: your eyes, your ears, your lungs, and your muscles. Pairs are especially important for movement. Your muscles can only pull in one direction—they

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