Sports Injuries

foot diagram showing Lisfranc Injury

Lisfranc Injury

Treating any health condition accurately is extremely important for a successful recovery. If the condition you are dealing can present as another condition and you treat it as if it

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Why Do My Shins Hurt When I Walk?

Your body is filled with paired groups: your eyes, your ears, your lungs, and your muscles. Pairs are especially important for movement. Your muscles can only pull in one direction—they

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Soccer field sideline

“Spraining” the Big Toe

  Though you may not realize how important it is, your big toe is a crucial player in your ability to take a step. Injuring it can sharply limit your

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Plantar Fibroma: Sole Bumps

It is uncomfortable to stand on a small stone or other hard object. As it presses into the bottom of your foot, it causes aches and pain. Usually people shake

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diagram showing achillies tendon problems

Achilles Tendon Problems

The skeleton gives your body a frame and your muscles move that frame around—but movement would be impossible if you didn’t have strong connective tissues. Your tendons are ropes of

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Painful Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis

Tendons play an important role in movement. They are the connective tissues that attach your muscles and bones together. Without them, your muscles would have no way of moving your

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Foot exam

Bursitis: Inflammation

All moving parts need some sort of lubricant to reduce friction between them. This includes your joints and the soft tissues connected to them. Unfortunately, friction can cause problems with

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