Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetic Feet

Diabetic patients require a team approach to control their glucose levels and maximize their general health and quality of life. Podiatrists are an essential part of that team. It is important for diabetics to take diligent care of their feet because an “ounce of prevention” can truly be life (and limb) saving.


Most of the problems that people with diabetes encounter with their feet are the result of vascular and neurological problems associated with the disease. Diabetic patients are more prone to small vessel disease and can have a compromised circulatory status that may cause a delay in healing.

Nerve conduction problems called diabetic neuropathies can cause tingling, numbness and an absence of feeling in the feet. A patient who has severe neuropathy could step on a nail and not even feel it.

Compromised circulation and impaired neurologic issues also result in a high risk for infections and diabetic ulcerations, which can lead to serious and even fatal complications. Other foot problems such as bunions and hammertoes create pressure areas on the feet that can cause the skin to break down and ulcerate. A corn or a callus can have the same risks if untreated.


Because of the potential complications associated with diabetes, it is imperative that you monitor your own feet on a daily basis and seek regular diabetic foot care from the specialists at Country Foot Care in New York. Routine foot screenings, good personal hygiene and keeping blood sugar levels stable and under control will help to minimize your risks. As part of a preventative regimen, diabetic shoes and socks can also help protect your feet when you walk.

The doctors at Country Foot Care offer extensive diabetic foot education and full service diabetic foot care. By practicing prevention, most people with this disease can minimize the risks associated with the diabetic foot and have an active lifestyle.

Diabetic Shoe Program

Diabetic shoes are available in our office for all qualified patients with compromised circulation or neurologic symptoms. Medicare and most private insurance will cover all or part of the cost of diabetic shoes for qualified patients. To view many of the available styles and colors, including sneakers and boots, visit the Country Foot Care Shoe Store.

Diabetic shoes provide extra depth and width in the toe and forefoot areas. This helps to prevent pressure on swollen feet, bunions, hammertoes, and other common foot problems associated with diabetes. We also have diabetic socks for men and women that provide comfort, cushioning and other benefits.

The Country Foot Care doctors are here to help you maintain the best foot health possible. We don’t rush you in and out. We’ll take the time to help you understand your diabetes and fully explain our treatment recommendations. To make an appointment for an examination and consultation, feel free to contact any of our offices where our friendly staff is waiting to help you. For those who prefer, a request for an appointment can be made online using the APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.