Frequently Asked Questions

Every day here at Country Foot Care, patients ask us dozens of questions. They are curious about their condition, our treatment, and what the expectations are as they move forward with their foot care. These questions are a good thing. We’re more than happy to answer everything our patients ask. People actively participate and make responsible decisions for their health care if they are educated about their conditions and how we can help. Some of these questions come up repeatedly, though, so we know many people have the same concerns. We have compiled a library of these frequently asked questions. Here you will find short answers that should help you understand your condition and your treatment a little better. We also answer questions about services and options specific to Country Foot Care. If you have other questions that are not covered here, or are concerned about your feet or ankles in any way, please contact us at either of our offices or by submitting a question using the CONTACT US button at the top of this page.