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Heel Pain

Your feet bear a lot of stress. The whole weight of your body bears down on them with every step, and the force is three to four times greater if you are landing hard on your feet, such as with running. With that much stress, pain is bound to occur at some time, either from overuse or from an injury. Two of the most common causes for pain in your heels are plantar fasciitis, with the pain being felt under your heel, and Achilles tendinitis, with the pain occurring at the back of your heel.

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Some causes for heel pain include fracture of the calcaneal bone, arthritis, bruises, dry or cracked heels, corns and blisters, and pain associated with peripheral vascular disease.

At Country Foot Care we use state-of-the-art diagnostic services which include digital x-ray imaging to identify bone problems, diagnostic ultrasound studies to identify and quantify soft tissue involvement, and fluoroscopy for dynamic joint evaluations. We also have in-house vascular diagnostics including PADNET Doppler, ABI, and CVI Venous studies.

Heel Pain FAQ's

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Obesity and foot pain are closely linked. Your weight does increase your risk for developing it, though it isn’t necessarily the direct cause of the pain. Your feet must support your whole body when you stand, and handle even heavier pressure when you take a step. The more weight you have, the more strain is put on your supporting tissues. This includes the plantar fascia, which attaches to the bottom of the heel. If you develop heel pain and are obese, the extra pressure from your body weight stresses the connective tissue and can make it much harder to recover. You’ll need intentional care and prompt intervention to remedy the condition and relieve your discomfort. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer from heel pain, even when you struggle with weight. To learn more and to have your feet evaluated by one of our skilled doctors you only have to make an appointment. To do this you can call our offices directly at (516) 741-FEET, or feel free to request an appointment online.

Heel pain can occur for a number of reasons, but treatment doesn’t necessarily have to involve injections. If you prefer a more holistic approach, in many cases you can avoid heel pain shots with conservative treatments such as a change in footwear, physical therapy, or shoe inserts to ease discomfort. Custom orthotic devices can help to correct biomechanical issues that contribute to the problem by redistributing pressure away from the area. Stretching exercises can also help to alleviate pain. Another alternative to shots for heel pain is shockwave therapy. This non-invasive procedure not only relieves pain, but actually helps to repair damaged tissues that may be causing the problem. It takes just 20 minutes, and relief is near instantaneous. Aftercare is not necessary, but we can provide a holistic pain cream as follow-up treatment if you’d like.

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