Shockwave Therapy

Non-Invasive Energy To Heal Hurting Feet

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy, also known as extracorporeal pulse activation treatment (EPAT), is a nonsurgical, noninvasive method of relieving both acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is an intense, sharp discomfort, and often begins suddenly. The affected tissues are inflamed and damaged. Unresolved acute pain issues can eventually become chronic — which makes it much harder to manage. Chronic pain is discomfort that persists for an extended period of time. Traditional treatments are often less effective on chronic conditions, allowing the problem to continue to worsen.
Patient receiving shockwave treatment on foot from Nassau County podiatrist on Long Island
EPAT uses controlled, targeted pulses of acoustic energy delivered to the painful area to stimulate the body to increase natural healing efforts, helping you feel better faster. The energy waves stimulate the damaged soft tissues, convincing the body that it needs more nutrients and healing factors around the targeted spot. Circulation in that area increases, bringing those much-needed nutrients and repair cells to the damaged tissues and speeding up the overall recovery. The procedure also over-stimulates the nerves sending pain signals, temporarily shutting them down and providing you with immediate relief.

What to expect during your shockwave treatment

At Country Foot Care, our skilled doctors will evaluate you lower limb condition and determine if EPAT would truly improve your pain management. Plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis are among the most common conditions that benefit from shockwave therapy. We’ll examine your feet and ankles, and consider what other treatments have been used. If this noninvasive method is a beneficial option for you, we’ll begin the treatment.

When you come into the office for the therapy, our team will prepare your foot, then use the EPAT machine to deliver the targeted shockwaves to the spot in your foot that needs it most. The whole procedure is relatively quick, requiring no incision or anesthesia and resulting in no scarring. Many people are able to return to their activities right away, though some experience a degree of soreness afterwards. You will be provided with after-care instructions for dealing with any soreness, including taking a temporary break from hard-impact activities. Many people notice a significant improvement after a single treatment, though some may need follow-up treatments as well.

The therapy works well for both acute and chronic issues like plantar fasciitis, stubborn Achilles tendinitis, and shin splints. If you’re struggling with long-term issues that are simply not recovering on their own, shockwave therapy may be your best option for long-lasting pain management. Contact us now for more information or to make an appointment to deal with your discomfort.