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Dealing With Ankle Arthritis

Imagine rubbing two small, plastic boxes against each other. If the material they’re made of is smooth, they’ll glide easily back and forth as you move them. Now imagine taping …

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Do You Suffer From Ankle Instability?

People depend on their bodies to hold them up and to perform normal daily activities. It would be hard to go about your business or get anything done if your …

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Ankle Sprains: Ignore at Your Peril

All objects have a limit to their flexibility. Imagine twisting and pulling a cardboard tube (like the ones inside a papertowel roll). Even though these are often fairly flexible, the …


Peroneal Tendonitis

Your foot cannot do anything without involving the ankle. The joint allows the foot to wiggle, rotate, point, and flex. It directs weight downward and into the bones that distribute …

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Anterolateral Ankle Impingement

A pinch can hurt a lot. Depending on what is injured, it can cause a lot of damage, too. If you’ve ever slammed your fingers in a door, you understand …