Diabetic Conditions

diagram showing diabetic foot conditions

Charcot Foot: Diabetes Damage

Anyone with diabetes has been told to take care of their feet and ankles. Failing to investigate problems and allowing them to deteriorate can have serious consequences, including limb amputation.

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diabetic ulcer

Diabetic Ulcers

Some health problems function like icebergs: they may seem small on the surface, but out of sight they can develop into big, serious conditions. Diabetic ulcers are dangerous complications of

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Surgical Instruments

Gangrene: The Death of Tissue

Your blood carries oxygen, important nutrients, and disease-fighting antibodies all through your body to keep it healthy and free from infection. If blood cannot travel freely, cells cannot survive, infection

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Feet Chained in Sand

Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathy

Your feet hold you up, help you move, and keep you grounded. Such major responsibilities make them vulnerable to problems. Conditions like diabetic neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy can put your

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Peripheral Arterial Disease

If you’ve ever tried to sip out of a coffee stirrer, you know that it doesn’t work nearly as well as drinking out of a regular straw. The liquid has

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Walking Shoes

Finding the Right Shoes for Diabetics

Patients with diabetes may be immune suppressed or neurologically impaired, thus they are considered ‘high-risk’ patients.  Proper shoe selection for these patients is essential for the safety and health of

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