Bone Problems

bruised toe

Phalangeal Fracture

Like the old song says, “There must be fifty ways to…” – break your toe! Stubbing it on the bedpost, kicking a ball, tripping on a root, falling down the

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Holding Foot

How Can I Break My Neck In My Foot?

Your body employs a variety of bones shapes: long and thin, short and thick, curved, and simply unusual. Each plays a part in holding you upright, protecting internal tissues, or

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foot diagram showing metatarsalgia

Metatarsal Fracture

There are 26 bones in the foot, and just as many ways to break them. Toe bones can break if you kick something, heel bones if you land hard on

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patient with tailors bunion

Tailor’s Bunion

  Bumps disrupt surfaces. They add extra width that would not have otherwise been there. On your body, this puts structures at risk for issues with friction and irritation. Sometimes,

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foot x-ray

Stress Fractures

  When a solid structure is supporting significant weight or pressure, even the smallest compromise in its integrity could potentially spell disaster. Splits in a dyke, cracks in a support

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leg xray


Pulleys, hinges, and cables work best when they are in their correct position. If they get knocked out of place, they may still work, but they will be highly inefficient

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Foot exam

Lateral Column Overload

Most structures have a weight limit for what they are able to support effectively. Once they reach that limit, further weight risks damage to both the supports and the structure

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hammer toes

Claw Toes

Your toes do more than just wiggle or look nice in sandals. They help you push off the ground and actually maintain your balance when you stand and walk. They

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