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Basic Band Stretch

Don’t Let Leg Cramps Cramp Your Style

With a New York winter on the way, many people are starting to flock to their neighborhood fitness centers and gyms in hopes of keeping up their exercise routines through …

bare feet on wood floor

Beware of Bare Feet with Diabetes

November is Diabetes Awareness Month! Are you making sure you are doing everything you can to prevent complications? Here’s a reminder: your feet require special care when you have diabetes, …

Bunion and High heels

The Truth about High Heel Pain

New York has been a major center in the fashion world for decades, and fancy fashion loves high heels. Classy, ugly, tall, short, pointy, rounded, and completely  wild—there are high …

Walking Shoes

Enjoy Fall and Walking with Diabetes

Autumn is a great season for walking and other outdoor activities. The weather is cooler, and the scenery is beautiful.  Even if you have diabetes, a stroll around town in …

Jump Rope

Jump rope training and heel pain

Many people are intimidated by the task of getting in shape. Gym memberships and equipment are expensive. Even getting started can take a lot of discipline. However, there’s one great …

4 Exercises to Counter Ankle Instability

Long Island is called the “Cradle of Aviation” for the role it’s played in aerospace development, which is highlighted in the Cradle of Aviation Museum. This expansive museum is family-friendly, …


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