What are Common Sports-Related Foot Injuries?

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Athletes who take part in sports that require running and jumping are more likely to get knee injuries. An ACL injury, which is a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the knee, takes an average of 12 months to heal for a male.

In sports, injuries to the feet are common. Over a two-year period, 27% of all injuries in Division 1 athletics are foot and ankle-related. One reason is increased impact forces on the feet. Because of this, a lot of professionals are wearing custom orthotics.

The following are some common sports-related injuries:

Plantar Fasciitis

Symptoms of this condition include pain in the heel and lower part of the foot caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament. It is typically a dull pain that gets more severe with activity. The condition can be caused by overuse, flat feet, or being overweight.

Achilles Tendinitis

This is a condition that happens when the tendon that attaches your calf muscles to your heel bone becomes inflamed. Common causes of Achilles tendonitis are overuse, inflammation of the joint or bone, or an injury. If it is injured, it’s painful to walk and can take a long time to heal. If left untreated, it can result in chronic pain and disability.


In this condition, a nerve in the foot becomes compressed, causing pain. A neuroma can be caused by an injury or by either repetitive stress injuries or plantar fasciitis after it has progressed or an entrapped nerve.

Heel Spur

People who have flat feet and who walk a lot are most likely to develop this condition. If you have heel spurs, you should seek treatment right away.

Stress Fractures

Athletes and runners are often injured by this condition. When the muscles and bones of the leg, hips, or feet are overworked or stressed, they begin to break down. An impact on a bone repeatedly causes a stress fracture. Eventually, the bone breaks.

This type of injury does not have a specific set of symptoms, but they can include:

* Pain in the affected bone

* Swelling around the injury

* Difficulty with weight-bearing or walking

* Discomfort while running

Ankle Sprain

This condition affects people of all ages. In most cases, this happens when someone lands on their ankle while it is bent or rolls their ankle. Usually caused by twisting of the foot, an ankle sprain may also damage the ligaments on the side of the foot.

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What are Common Sports-Related Foot Injuries?

Athletes who take part in sports that require running and jumping are more likely to get knee injuries. An ACL injury, which is a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the