Diagnostic Services

Evaluate Your Foot Health


Accuracy in identifying your conditions is the key to getting the very best treatment for your foot and ankle problems. It’s hard to treat a painful issue in your lower limbs when you don’t know what is damaged or contributing to your discomfort. That is why Country Foot Care uses the best in cutting-edge technology for our diagnostic services to help our team understand and be able to treat your feet.

Our Diagnostic Services

Our diagnostic services include a variety of tests and images that allow us to identify conditions that affect your feet and ankles, whether those are injuries or systemic issues. Some technologies, like X-rays, have been around for decades—while still being relevant and even improved with modern medicine. Other tests have only been made possible in more recent times with the advances in technology. All are useful for determining the best way to treat your lower limb conditions and get you back on your feet.

Digital X-rays

Although they are the oldest type of diagnostic image, X-rays remain valuable for identifying issues in the bones. They allow our experts to locate fractures and determine their severity, identify tumors, evaluate arthritic damage and bony deformities, determine dislocations, and more. They also help our team create custom orthotics and plan out invasive procedures. Our digital X-rays capture the image of your feet with sensors that allow the image to be read right away on the computer, so you don’t have to wait for an accurate diagnosis.


This digital imaging system uses a continuous X-ray beam to capture a movie-like series of pictures that show body parts in motion. This allows our team to evaluate your biomechanics while you are actually moving, giving us a clearer picture of how your feet behave under pressure. This is helpful for diagnosing and treating fractures, dislocations, bunions, and even issues like plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

Diagnostic Ultrasound

While images that focus on the bones of your feet are able to “see” your hard tissues, they are limited. X-rays are not able to capture good pictures of soft tissues and their injuries. Diagnostic ultrasound, which uses sound waves rather than radiation, is able to capture an image of damage within tissues like tendons, muscles, and ligaments. It can also help guide injections and measure tissue injuries, like the thickness of a plantar fascia or neuroma.

PADnet Doppler

This noninvasive vascular testing allows our staff to identify and measure peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. Plaque build-up along artery walls stiffen and harden the blood vessels, limiting circulation to your lower limbs. PADnet testing uses multiple procedures to measure blood pressure in the lower limbs, identify the ABI, and check for obstructions inside the blood vessels.

ABI and CVI Vascular Testing

Ankle-brachial index (ABI) is measuring and comparing the blood pressure in your ankle and arm while you’re at rest to test for peripheral arterial disease. It can be done as part of the PADnet Doppler or quickly on its own, allowing our staff to confirm or rule out PAD.

Chronic venous insufficiency is a problem with your blood vessels’ ability to carry blood against the flow of gravity from your feet to your heart. The valves that prevent blood from pooling do not work correctly, so fluid collects in your blood vessels. We use systems of tests to check specifically for this circulatory issue, so we can provide you with targeted treatment for your lower limbs.

At Country Foot Care, we are dedicated to providing you and your loved ones with only the best. That’s why we provide cutting-edge diagnostic services with the very best medical technology. You don’t have to suffer with foot pain or wonder about the source of your discomfort. Let our team help you manage your foot health and alleviate your pain. You can request more information, or make an appointment with us to care for your feet today, by calling our Mineola and Williston Park, NY, offices at (516) 741-FEET. You can also fill out a request on our website and we will contact you as soon as possible.