Find Relief for Painful Bunions


“Most people recognize a bunion as an unsightly bump by the big toe. A bunion is a structural deformity in which the first metatarsal moves away from the second metatarsal. This causes the big toe to drift toward the second toe, and the result is a bump or bony prominence at the inside of the foot.

There are actually two causes of bunions. The first is environmental or inappropriate shoegear which are either too tight or pinching the wrong place over long periods of time. The second is genetic – the most likely. If you have a bunion, your mother or father or one of your grandparents has one as well.

The treatment options for bunions range from conservative approaches to surgical procedures. Our conservative course of treatment involves the dispensing of anti-inflammatory medications, routine physical therapy done here at our office, and the fabrication of custom molded orthotics to correct the underlying mechanical imbalances.

If the pain associated with the bunion is not alleviated through these noninvasive techniques, surgical management may be an optin for you. Dr. Brook and I do our surgical procedures at Day-Op Center of Long Island or Winthrop University Medical Center. The bunion surgical procedure is relatively painless and patients walk in and out of the hospital the same day. Most patients are back to wearing their regular, now more comfortable-fitting shoes in a six to eight week period.”

Robert Einhorn, D.P.M.

by Robert Einhorn, D.P.M.