PediSmooth & Adessa Gel Socks Combo

The combination of PediSmooth and Adessa gel socks soothe and rehydrate dry, rough feet from heel to toe. The patented gel lining is enriched with vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to restore skin’s soft and supple appearance. Adessa moisturizing gel socks are hypoallergenic, washable and reusable. Use of PediSmooth with the Adessa gel socks leaves feet feeling healthy, hydrated and smooth.


Apply a thin layer of PediSmooth to both feet.
  • Cover with Adessa gel socks.
  • Keep the Adessa gel socks with PediSmooth on your feet on for about 1 hour. While wearing the gel socks, do not walk around unless absolutely necessary. Walking while wearing the socks can cause the gel to break apart.
  • Upon removing Adessa gel socks, the socks should be dry and your feet will appear healthy and moisturized.
  • Do not machine wash Adessa gel socks – only hand wash. After washing, hang to air dry.
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