Videos: Sports Injuries

diagram showing turf toe

Turf Toe Symptoms And Causes

  An injury of the soft tissue surrounding the big toe joint is known as Turf Toe. It usually occurs when the big toe joint is extended beyond its normal …

diagram showing tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

  Tarsal tunnel syndrome is most common in active adults. The burning or tingling sensation it causes is a result of the compressed tibial nerve. Other symptoms may include numbness …

soccer, basketball and running injury

Foot & Ankle Sports Injuries

  Improper biomechanics is perhaps the most common cause of sports injuries of the foot and ankle and may be avoided with proper preparation and corrective measures. A good start …

foot diagram showing Lisfranc Injury

Lisfranc Injuries

Lisfranc joint injuries are rare, complex, often misdiagnosed, and if left untreated can have severe consequences. Typical signs and symptoms include pain, swelling and the inability to bear weight. These …