While answerbunions themselves are not inherited, the foot shape that allows them to form certainly is. They’re the result of a biomechanical deficiency that allows your big toe and first metatarsal to become displaced. The issue then progressively worsens with time. However, outside factors also play a role. Pressure on the forefoot encourages these bones to displace, creating the bunion. This pressure can be exacerbated by shoes, activities, and pre-existing conditions affecting your lower limbs.

While heredity increases your chances of developing this deformity, you are not guaranteed to have the problem. Since outside factors contribute to the condition, taking care of your feet and using preventative measures might help you avoid the problem later in life. If you’re concerned about developing a bunion, or have already noticed symptoms, let us know here at Country Foot Care in New York. To make an appointment you can call and speak with a member of our friendly staff or you can request an appointment using the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.