Winter is coming…


The cold weather may be late, but it’s finally here and it’s in full force. We at Country Foot Care have found this is a time that people neglect their feet the most, so we want to give you a few tips to keep your feet ready for anything:

  1. Moisturize!! With colder weather comes a drop in humidity and your skin feels it the most. Winter is when we typically see that dry, cracked skin that can become very painful. We recommend that after your shower, or bathe, apply a moisturizer and then a pair of treated gel socks. Remember, no two moisturizers are the same, and the one that got you through the summer may not be enough for these below-freezing temperatures.
  2. Warm-up!! Just like your car may need to warm up before it runs, so should you. The pressure drops in the colder weather make it harder on your joint fluid, so give your joints and muscles the few extra minutes to warm up, before your start to exert yourself.
  3. Numbness is not normal!! If you notice that your toes are numb, you are probably not bundled enough. If this happens for an extended period of time, or many times within a short period, it can permanently damage your nerves. If you notice numbness or tingling for an extended period of time please seek medical attention.
  4. Freezing is never fashionable!! This is important for both size and style of the shoe you choose for Winter. You will need to accommodate your shoe size to fit the thicker sized sock you may be wearing. This can help prevent painful ingrown toenails and unnecessary blisters and bruises. Do not wear shoes with exposed skin, as you can leave yourself vulnerable to frostbite.
  5. Keep Moving!! while the weather outside may be frightful, this is no time for your waistline to follow suit. Your activities may need move indoors but it is important to stay active to prevent increased weight gain and bone loss.



If any of the above sounds like your own issues, Please call us at 516-741-FEET (3338) for an appointment today!


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