Not everybody likes cheese. “But it smells awful, Ma!!” This is what my 5-year old said when I tried to introduce him to the world of gourmet cheese.  And I heard similar words when that now 17-year old basketball player took off his socks. “But it smells awful, Ma!!” Except that he was not referring to cheese but was now pointing to his feet. 

Athlete’s foot, a.k.a. tinea pedis is a real thing, Mom. And it does not go away fast.  Tinea is caused by a fungus infection (wait… aren’t cheeses made the same way?) and often grow in moist environments such as locker rooms, showers, and swimming pools and when people have too sweaty feet or when they do not wipe their feet well before putting on their socks. Besides the cheesy smell, there is itching, scaling, peeling skin, and possibly blisters and wounds when you can’t keep yourself from scratching. 

So don’t wait .. when you ‘smell the cheese,’ come visit us ASAP at Country Foot Care and the only cheesy smell you will have is the one that you paid $16.99 per pound for at the cheese shop.

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