Warm Weather Woes

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Spring 2021: Warm Weather Woes

As the weather gets warmer, you may start to notice an increase in “sweaty feet.” In addition to being uncomfortable, sweaty feet may also have lasting effects. Left untreated, this condition may cause you to be more prone to athlete’s foot and fungal toenails.

Athlete’s foot may present as an itchy, red, bumpy, scaly, very dry skin or a wet rash on the bottom of your feet or between your toes. Toenail fungus, which can affect some or all of your toenails, makes the nails thick, discolored, brittle and oftentimes “smelly.” These problems can be prevented by keeping your feet dry and clean. Changing your socks every day at lunchtime, practicing proper foot hygiene and making sure your feet are thoroughly dry after a shower will help, as fungus is better suited to grow in moist environments. Using powder before putting your socks on can also help keep your feet dry.

Should you experience any of the aforementioned symptoms, call Country Foot Care at (516) 741-FEET! We can supply antifungal creams, powder and expert care to alleviate your symptoms so you can enjoy the summer.

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