Revealing Athlete’s Foot


Fungus thrives in dark, warm, moist places. It can grow on the feet, between the toes, and on the toenails. Causes are not keeping the feet clean and dry, walking barefoot by pool areas or in locker rooms, wearing shoes that do not provide ventilation, and a weakened immunity system. Signs of athlete’s foot are dry skin, itching, scaling, inflammation, and painful blisters. It typically starts between the toes and may spread to the bottom and sides of the feet. Athlete’s foot, if not severe, can be treated with over the counter and prescription powders, lotions, ointments, or sprays. If your case is severe your podiatrist will prescribe a stronger medication. To prevent fungal problems alternate shoes so they have a day to dry out, dry your feet thoroughly after they become wet, use a foot powder to absorb perspiration, change socks often, wear sandals or thongs near pools, in locker rooms, or in public areas that are moist.