Charcot Foot Diabetic Foot Care


Charcot Foot is a syndrome that involves the slow breakdown of the bones in the foot and is commonly found in people who have nerve damage known as neuropathy. As the bones become weaker, they are more likely to develop cracks. If you have neuropathy and loss of sensation, you will not feel the pain associated with even a small fracture. As you continue to walk on the foot the bones will continue to breakdown and the whole structure will collapse. If you are a diabetic, you are at greater risk of developing this condition as neuropathy and poor circulation are often associated with this disease.

Charcot foot is a very serious condition that can lead to severe deformity, disability, and even amputation. Because of its seriousness, it is important to seek immediate care if signs or symptoms appear. These symptoms include a foot that is warm to the touch, redness, swelling, and soreness.