Videos: Bunions

normal vs bunion toe

Find Relief for Painful Bunions

“Most people recognize a bunion as an unsightly bump by the big toe. A bunion is a structural deformity in which the first metatarsal moves away from the second metatarsal. …

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How We Treat Bunions

  Non-surgical treatment of bunions often provides only temporary pain relief. With mild bunion deformities, wearing custom orthotics may halt the progression of the bony changes by compensating for the …

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Tailor’s Bunion – Bunionette

  Non-surgical treatments include wearing wider shoes that fit properly, using custom orthotics to lessen pressure on the bump and small pads that cushion the outside of the foot. In …


Bunions Mineola

  One of the most common problems having to do with the big toe is a bunion. It changes the shape of your foot and causes a lot of pain. …