Tips for Choosing Diabetic Shoes

This time of year, you can’t help but be on your feet a lot! From holiday shopping and party going, to cooking up a feast and visiting loved ones, it goes without saying that you’ll be standing and walking more than you’ll be sitting and resting. So, it would be best to have good shoes, especially if you have diabetes. With this disease, footwear is not only important to provide the support and comfort you need, but also the protection to keep your feet safe through the holidays and beyond. Choosing diabetic shoes isn’t exactly easy, though. That’s why Country Foot Care offers these tips:

When adding shoes to your holiday shopping list, it’s important to look for styles made from materials that can breathe and stretch, like soft leather. This will keep fungus at bay as well as accommodate deformities like bunions that can rub and cause irritation. You should also make sure the toe box is plenty wide and deep and there are no seams inside that could bother your skin.

Try shopping for footwear at the end of the day when your feet are naturally more swollen due to gravity throughout the day. A thumb’s width between your toes and the end of the shoe is recommended. A pair that is too short or narrow can mean trouble, as can shoes that are too loose or too tight. They should feel comfortable right away! If you just can’t seem to find the right fit for you, head on over to Country Foot Care’s Medical Shoe store. We not only have a wide selection of styles, but an expert staff that can help with choosing diabetic shoes to address your individual needs. We can also provide custom orthotic inserts to help alleviate discomfort and correct or prevent issues that could be causing you problems.

So before you head out and about for the holidays, come to Country Foot Care to learn more about choosing shoes, both for diabetics and non-diabetic. Make an appointment using the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button in top right corner of this page or by contacting either of our offices during regular hours.

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