Gordofilm Wart Remover

For the removal of plantar warts on the bottom of the foot.


Keep bottle upright and in a dark cabinet.
  • If the GordoFilm becomes sticky, wipe bottle neck threads with wet cloth and cap tightly to prevent liquid from drying out.
Apply with brush applicator directly on wart area once a day. Do not apply to surrounding healthy skin.
  • Make sure to apply after taking a shower, not before, as the medication is water-soluble and will wash away with water.
  • After application, let air dry.
- Cover with bandage when completely dry.
  • Apply once a day.

You may see some peeling of skin in the area where you applied the GordoFilm, which is completely normal and expected. Do not peel off the skin – allow to gradually fall off on its own.

If you experience a rash, redness, blistering or a wound, discontinue application of GordoFilm and call our office for further instructions.

If the GordoFilm becomes hard and thick, you may come to the office during business hours to pick up a new bottle with no appointment necessary.

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