Orthotics – Eye Glasses For Your Feet!


If you were given a choice between eliminating your foot pain with an easy treatment or avoiding the doctor and living with the problem, which would you choose? Many people actually choose the latter because they are nervous about what a doctor might ask them to give up or do in order to feel better. They ignore the problem until it becomes too painful to do so any more. What people don’t realize is that many effective solutions are as simple as using a prescription orthotic.

Why Use Orthotics?


Many problems in the feet and ankles, from overuse injuries to biomechanical deficiencies, can be helped by adding support and stabilization to your lower limbs. Sometimes your feet receive sufficient support by changing your shoes, but in many cases that may not be enough. That is where shoe inserts come into play. Prescription orthotics are custom-designed to fit your unique foot and ankle needs. They’re given after a full exam and many measurements by an experienced podiatrist, like those here at Country Foot Care.

Prescription inserts fit into two categories: functional and accommodative. Functional types are made to control abnormal motion and correct a problem in the feet or ankles. Accommodative versions are softer and designed to offer extra cushioning. Depending on what you need, you may be prescribed either kind or a combination of both. The doctors will work with you to determine what will be best for your needs and your discomfort.

Custom orthotics like these are different from the prefabricated inserts you find at convenience stores and pharmacies. Over-the-counter support pieces that you pull off the shelf, or even order online, are not designed for your individual feet. They are built by approximating the structure of average lower limbs using foot sizes. They do offer some support and cushioning, though they cannot correct any biomechanical problems you may have.

Prescription Orthotics or Prefabricated Inserts?

What you use for your feet depends largely on your unique needs. For some people, a sole liner or a little extra cushioning under the arch can help relieve pressure on the foot and make walking more comfortable. For others, however, generalized support is not sufficient. Sometimes, if the insert adds padding in the wrong place, it can actually cause pain and additional problems in the lower limbs. Whether an over-the-counter insert will be enough or you will need a custom orthotic can be determined by the specialists at Country Foot Care.

They will examine your feet and ankles to determine what needs to be stabilized or padded to relieve the pressure on your lower limbs. If your pain comes from a structural problem or biomechanical issue, basic inserts will most likely not be enough. You will need to invest in orthotics to truly make a difference for your discomfort.

If you’re struggling with foot and ankle pain or weakness, there are options for you to restore your function and mobility. Prescription supports provided by an experienced specialist can make a significant difference in your comfort. Rather than allowing time for whatever is causing your pain to worsen or develop complications, contact Country Foot Care for an appointment or more information and see if orthotics could help you. Appointments can be made by calling our offices directly or, for your convenience, you can make an appointment online using the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.