Footlaser Toenail Fungus

The quick, safe, comfortable way to eradicate toenail fungus

Treatment at the Speed of Light

PinPointe FootLaser uses a gentle laser light beam specifically designed PinPointe FootLaserto vaporize the pathogens that cause toenail fungus (onychomycosis). The laser passes harmlessly through the toenail itself, causing no damage to the nail or adjacent skin. The procedure takes place in our Long Island office, administered by one of our PinPointe-certified physicians. Treating all 10 toes takes only about 30 minutes (all toes must be treated to minimize any chance of the infection returning).

Little or No Discomfort

Very few patients experience any discomfort at all during PinPointe FootLaser treatment. Some report the feeling of a pinprick or a faint warming sensation. No anesthesia or recovery time is required – you simply walk in and walk out, wearing your regular shoes!

No Drugs, No Side Effects

PinPointe FootLaser is a drug-free treatment. There are NO adverse reactions or side effects associated with it. That’s not the case with prescription oral medication for treating toenail fungus, which is associated with serious health risks including possible liver and kidney damage. In addition, this medication requires constant physician monitoring and offers no guarantee of effectiveness.

Our Goal: Healthy, Infection-free Nails

Eradicate Toenail FungusYour toenail will not become clear immediately after treatment. As your toenail replaces itself, you should see healthy new growth within 4-8 months. New nail growth should appear normal, because fungus is no longer present!

Check out the toenail laser treatment before and after photos.