Vascular Testing


Your blood carries nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body and then back to your heart. It already has a long way to go to make it all the way to your lower limbs. Anything that inhibits its flow can have damaging consequences. For this reason, vascular testing is extremely important so that problems can be detected and treated as soon as possible.

Testing for Trouble

Vascular issues can dramatically impact your health, especially in your lower extremities. Poor blood flow makes you more prone to leg cramping, skin discoloration, nerve damage, foot & ankle swelling, cold feet, and slow-healing wounds, just to name a few. Accurately diagnosing circulatory problems is key to being able to treat them. Technology like PADnet allows the doctors at Country Foot Care to perform vascular tests like the ankle-brachial index (ABI), doppler studies, and chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).



The PADnet machine is a cutting-edge tool used to measure and evaluate both arterial and venous blood flow. The tests are sent to a local vascular physician, who reads and interprets them, and then returns the results to our office. This allows our doctors to digitally collaborate with a vascular specialist, and get expert, professional input for each patient.

This technology is particularly beneficial when testing for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). For this reason, our team uses it to evaluate the circulatory health and lower limb blood flow of every patient with suspected vascular disease like our diabetic patients.

ABI and Doppler

These tests are used to check for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The ankle-brachial index (ABI) measures the blood pressure in your ankle and your arm to determine its strength in your extremities. Typically measurements are taken at rest, though they can also be evaluated after a brief period of exercising. Doppler study allows our team to obtain a clearer picture of your arterial blood flow. Doppler uses ultrasound to evaluate arterial narrowing, blood clots, and general decreases in your circulation.


Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) is a problem with the valves in your veins. These valves oppose the pull of gravity as your blood is pumped back from your legs toward your heart. However, if the valves aren’t working properly, blood leaks downward and pools in your feet and ankles. This can lead to painful swelling, aches, ulcers, and varicose veins. CVI testing evaluates the quality of your veins and the valves, which regulate blood return to the heart. Typically this procedure is performed when our team examines suspicious edema (fluid buildup), varicose veins, and even diabetes.

PADnet, ABI, Doppler, and CVI are all valuable parts of vascular testing. They provide a clearer picture of how your circulation may affect your foot health.  Let Country Foot Care help you regarding any vascular issues you may have.  Appointments can be made online by clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page or by call our offices where our friendly staff is waiting to assist you.

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