Jump rope training and heel pain

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Jump ropeMany people are intimidated by the task of getting in shape. Gym memberships and equipment are expensive. Even getting started can take a lot of discipline. However, there’s one great cardio, endurance, and toning exercise you can do almost anywhere for very little cost: jump rope training. It works your lower limbs as well as your upper body, increases your circulation, and helps improve coordination. However, you do have to be on the watch for Achilles tendon pain.

Jump rope involves repetitive jumps in place. The feet aren’t supposed to travel very high off the ground—just high enough to allow the rope to pass beneath them. This exercise strengthens the muscles that support your lower limb joints, so it’s good for conditioning the feet and ankles for hard-impact activities. However, repeated impacts and little bounces can strain the Achilles tendon.

Stretches and exercises however, stretching exercises can strengthen the affected tendon, which can help combat the risk for tendon injuries. Try these exercises to combat the effects of hart-impact activities in your lower extremity:

  • Heel raises – Stand with your feet slightly apart. Raise your heels as high off the ground as you can, then lower them back to the ground and repeat ten times.
  • Heel drops – Stand with your heels hanging off the edge of a step. Lower your heels down until you feel a stretch, then return to neutral and repeat ten times.
  • Wall stretch – With your hands against a wall for balance, stand with one foot several inches behind the other. Bend your front knee and slowly lunge forward while keeping your back knee straight and both of your heel flat on the floor. Hold the gentle calf muscle stretch 15 seconds.

If you do develop discomfort in your lower extremity, or aren’t sure how to take care of your feet, let the Country Foot Care team in Mineola and Williston Park, help. Please call (516) 741-FEET or use the website to make an appointment with us.

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