Haglund’s Deformity: High-Heeled and Hurting

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Like shoes? Sometime between now and February 15, 2015, plan a day trip to the Brooklyn Museum so you can peruse the exhibit “Killer Heels: The Art of the High-Heeled Shoe.”  From styles dating back as early as the 16th century, to today’s red carpet trendsetters, you can see for yourself the evolution of this feminine footwear. If you’ve got a soft spot for stilettos and wear them often, you might also see for yourself a bump forming on the back of your heel. It’s far from a fashion statement, though—it’s a condition called Haglund’s deformity.

How High Heels can Cause Foot PainAlso known as “pump bump,” since it is often caused by the rigid backs of high-heeled pumps and tight shoes, Haglund’s deformity is actually a bone spur that forms on the back of the heel bone as a result of frequent irritation. The soft tissue surrounding the area becomes inflamed when the growth rubs against the shoe. This in turn can lead to bursitis—an inflammation of the fluid-filled sac between your heel bone and Achilles tendon. A noticeable bump forms and can become red, tender, swollen, and painful, making it difficult to wear any shoes at all, much less your favorite heels! Those with high arches and tight Achilles tendons are even more prone to the problem.

Despite your fondness of high rise footwear, the best thing you can do is give your heels a rest. Opt for more comfortable, soft-backed shoes. Offloading, meaning taking pressure off of the area, can be accomplished with a custom orthotic to lift the heel. You can also try stretching exercises to relieve your discomfort, or apply our holistic topical cream, called Pain Stat. Ice and any anti-inflammatory medication we prescribe can help with this as well.

In addition, Country Foot Care offers state-of-the-art shockwave treatments that not only eliminate pain, but repair damaged tissues too. It is our treatment of choice for posterior heel pain. Come find out why! Make an appointment by calling (516) 741-FEET in Mineola, NY, or (516) 294-8877 for our Williston Park location. You can also use our online request form.

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