Laser treatmentanswer is quick, easy, and painless. Your initial consultation to determine the severity of your nail fungus is completed with a laser-certified physician and is obligation-free. After you decide to go through with the therapy, we prepare your toes. Our highly trained staff will thin out your thickened nail tissue, so the laser light will penetrate it more easily. Then, we will apply the laser to all 10 of your toes. This helps establish a “fungus-free environment” for your whole foot, decreasing your odds of becoming infected again. When your treatment is complete, we will go over aftercare instructions to help prevent reinfection and provide you with a care kit that includes anti-fungal cream and a shoe-sterilizing spray.

The most efficient way to eradicate nail fungus with the laser is to repeat the treatment several times every three to four months, so you receive a total of three doses. This helps truly eliminate the infection. If you’re still wondering what to expect when you come for your appointment or you’d like a consultation for fungal nails, just contact Country Foot Care offices to make an appointment or you can submit a request online by clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.