Nail Polish After Treatment?


You should be able to use nail polish again within a few weeks after your laser treatment. Immediately after the procedure, you’ll need to follow our after-care guidelines. This includes applying an anti-fungal cream that we provide in our after-care kit for the first two weeks instead of using nail polish. This topical medication eliminates the pathogen on the surface of your skin and nails, so the problem is less likely to reoccur and continue damaging the hard keratin.

After two weeks, you can begin applying nail polish again. Regular polish is not the best for your healing toes, however, so we recommend holistic anti-fungal polish that will continue to combat the microorganisms on the surface of your nails. We have some of this polish available in our office. Nail fungus is a stubborn infection, but the right care can eliminate it. Country Foot Care doctors can help you control and treat the condition. To make an appointment simply call our offices where a member of our staff is waiting to help you.  For those who would like to request an appointment online, you can do so by clicking on the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.