When you have diabetes, slow-healing wounds can result in serious complications. Untreated ulcers can quickly become infected, and possibly even lead to amputation.

It all starts with poor sugar management, and poor circulation. This decreased blood flow inhibits oxygen and nutrients from reaching the wound, slowing the healing process. Diabetes also affects your immune system, increasing your chance for infection. Nerve damage is also commonly associated with the disease. This loss of sensation can prevent you from noticing the presence of any wound, allowing it to progress and worsen.

You can improve your body’s ability to heal by maintaining a healthy weight, diet, and glucose levels. Don’t smoke, and be sure to exercise to get your blood flowing. It’s wise to check your feet daily for any problems. If you see anything of concern, contact Country Foot Care right away. Appointment can be scheduled by calling our offices directly or, for your convenience, you can schedule an appointment online using the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT button at the top of this page.