Famous Athletes Suffer the Same Injuries as the Rest of Us

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Foot-painThough traumatic injuries to the foot or ankle on the court or playing field are the ones usually considered most newsworthy, famous athletes, like the rest of us, are troubled by more minor podiatric events as well.

Gordon Hayward Out of the Game with Plantar Fasciitis

This past March, for example, Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward was not able to help his team in its 94-85 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers. The reason? — he had plantar fasciitis in his right foot.

Apparently, Hayward’s foot had been troubling him for some time when it finally reached a point where something had to be done. When he went for medical diagnosis and treatment, his coach, Quin Snyder was quoted as saying he hoped the injury would not linger. Unfortunately, Hayward, though back with his teammates after a short time, admitted to playing through pain. He stated that he didn’t feel that he would be 100 percent healthy for the rest of the season. Professional athletes sometimes do not have the ability, or the sense, to allow themselves to heal completely before resuming strenuous activities.

Similarly, the Clippers’ Wesley Johnson is also dealing with plantar fasciitis which sidelined him for a few games early in April.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis and Why Do We Get It?

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the thick band of tissue, known as the plantar fascia, that runs across the bottom of the foot and connects the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis is one of the most frequent causes of heel pain, commonly causing a stabbing sensation when you step on your foot, particularly first thing in the morning. Though the pain may subside during the day, it may worsen again after long periods of standing or when you rise from a sitting position.

While plantar fasciitis is especially common in professional runners and other athletes who run a great deal, like basketball, baseball, and football players, it is also found frequently in individuals who are overweight or who wear shoes with inadequate support.

If you are suffering with heel pain, you should be proactive in having the injury treated. Because you (like the rest of us) expect your feet to support your body weight on a daily basis, and because plantar fasciitis, like other foot problems, may be exacerbated if left untreated, you should consult with a reputable and skilled podiatrist to control your pain and see that your injury is properly repaired.

At Country Foot Care we commonly treat plantar fasciitis with state-of-the-art medical equipment and would be happy to help a pro (or a regular Joe) get back into the game after a foot injury.

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