Diabetic Stockings Make a Great Holiday Gift

Give Diabetic Stockings for the HolidaysWhile others may be hanging their stockings with care during the holidays, those with diabetes need to be putting theirs on with care!

You see, diabetic feet are at an increased risk for injury and infection. Nerve damage and poor circulation can cause a wound to go unnoticed and take longer to heal. This can lead to serious complications. Putting on just any socks can actually add to these problems, especially if they are too tight or cause your feet to sweat or become irritated. That’s why diabetic socks are a caring, thoughtful gift for a loved one with the disease—they are specifically designed to protect high-risk feet from harm.

Unlike other socks, diabetic socks are seamless to avoid possible irritation, and non-binding without elastic cuffs so as not to inhibit blood flow. They are also made of moisture-wicking materials to keep feet warm, dry, and safe from infection-causing fungus. Padding on the bottom adds support, comfort, and an extra barrier of protection for high-pressure areas, too. In addition, these special socks offer a wider toe to provide wiggle room, yet are still fitted so there is no excess fabric to rub against skin.

So this holiday season, opt for diabetic stockings! To find out more, contact the experts at Country Foot Care. We are happy to answer your questions and help with all your foot care needs. To learn more and schedule an appointment, feel free to contact us by phone during regular office hours at our Williston Park, NY location at (516) 294-8877, or call (516) 741-FEET (3338) for our Mineola, NY office. You can also make an appointment or submit a question through our website.

From our Country Foot Care family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday!

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