Beware of Bare Feet with Diabetes

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Bare feetNovember is Diabetes Awareness Month! Are you making sure you are doing everything you can to prevent complications? Here’s a reminder: your feet require special care when you have diabetes, so while you’re watching your diet and glucose levels, don’t forget to look down! If you are walking with bare feet, put something on them.

Neuropathy and poor circulation are both associated with your disease, and they make a dangerous pair. You may have a loss of sensation in your feet because of nerve damage, and thus you may not feel an injury like a cut, fracture, or burn. Undetected, these can invite infection, especially if low blood flow is slowing the healing process. Major complications, including amputation, can result. That is why it is vital that you never walk around barefoot! You should always wear socks and shoes to protect yourself from injury. Even indoors, you could step on something or scrape your skin—don’t risk it! Put on some socks and hard-soled slippers to stay out of harm’s way.

Be sure that your socks and footwear fit well too, and that they are made of moisture-wicking materials to ward off fungus-causing infections. Before you put shoes on your feet, check inside for any foreign objects or protruding seams that could cause damage to your skin.

You should also check your feet every day for any signs of trouble, including blisters, sores, cuts, red or dry patches, or corns and calluses. If you notice any change, contact Country Foot Care right away. Prompt treatment is essential to prevent serious problems.

To schedule a regular check-up, or if you have broken the “No bare feet!” rule and have discovered a wound, call Country Foot Care today. Dial (516) 294-8877 for our office in Williston Park, NY, or call (516) 741-FEET (3338) in Mineola.

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