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Pros and Cons of Going Barefoot

Going barefoot seems so natural but what about bare feet with diabetes? Mothers may love finding cute little sneakers and designer footwear for their babies the instant they are out …

  • Posted on: Dec 28 2017
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United Veterans Beacon House Thank You Letter

December 13, 2017 Dr. Steve Brook Country Foot Care RE: Donation of gently used footwear Dear Dr. Brook, On behalf of United Veterans Beacon House, Inc., its board of directors, …

  • Posted on: Dec 22 2017
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Causes of Heel Pain

What could be causing my heel pain? Heel pain may be extremely uncomfortable, but one thing it is not is rare. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), four …

  • Posted on: Dec 19 2017
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Post Traumatic Arthritis in the Ankle

Is there any way to prevent post traumatic arthritis from developing in the ankle after an injury? According to the Arthritis Foundation, arthritis affects more than 50 million adults and …

  • Posted on: Nov 20 2017
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Is Phoenix-Thera Lase right for you?

When we hear of new treatments for injuries, especially when they are touted as less time-consuming and/or more effective than previous treatments, we are naturally intrigued. Whether we read about …

  • Posted on: Nov 17 2017
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Understanding Pronation

How do I know if I have a problem with pronation? Ever have someone come up to you and tell you that you have a “pronation” problem? What they are …

  • Posted on: Mar 21 2017
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