Annual Holiday “Shoes for the Homeless” Drive

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Shoes for the Homeless, Inc logoFor the Third consecutive year, the doctors and staff at Country Foot Care will be holding A “SHOES FOR THE HOMELESS” drive in all of our offices.  Country Foot Care will once again be asking their patients and neighboring businesses to bring “gently” worn shoes to any of our offices during normal business hours between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.  Last year, over 1,200 pairs of shoes were collected and donated to local homeless shelters and churches to distribute to those in need in our communities.  We gratefully acknowledge the Chambers of Commerce of Mineola, Williston Park and Patchogue for their help disseminating our drive to their membership. A special “thanks” also goes out to DJO Global for donating 300 pair of diabetic shoes last year.

The footwear Shoes for the Homeless collects is never sold, but stays in the local community to protect the feet of our neighbors for whom walking is usually their only available means of transportation.

Do you have any extra shoes crowding your closet floor or tucked away in bags or boxes? Perhaps they are gently worn, or were never quite the right style or color, or never felt as comfortable as you would like. You may have shoes you never could bear to discard from a loved one who passed away, or shoes your children have outgrown that seemed too nice to trash.

As is so often the case, your rejects may be treasures to someone else, particularly if that someone else is homeless. Think how wonderful you and your family will feel to provide someone in great need with something you will barely miss. Thousands of children and adults, living closer to you than you probably are aware, are wearing ill-fitting, outgrown shoes, or worn-out footwear. Instead of leaving them to suffer exposure to the elements and to a variety of podiatric ailments, you can help them to feel a little more protected, a little more valued, and perhaps even a little more stylish!

For your convenience, any shoes you have available to donate can be dropped off at any one of our three Country Foot Care locations: Mineola at 155 Mineola Boulevard or Williston Park at 479 Willis Avenue.

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