What are Common Baseball Foot and Ankle Injuries?

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We all love to watch baseball and cheer on our favorite players. Unfortunately, this sport takes a toll on the feet and ankles of even the most skilled athletes. Baseball foot and ankle injuries are common among all levels of play, so it is important for coaches, parents, players, and their families to be aware of what they look like so that they can take preventative measures when possible. In this article, we will go over some common baseball foot and ankle injuries in order to help you better understand them.


Injuries to the ankle are often caused by a sudden twisting motion that pushes the foot sideways, or in an upward direction. This is usually seen during contact with another player’s swing when blocking first base, sliding into home plate, and fielding ground balls. Ankle injuries can also be sustained while pivoting on one leg as well as twisting your feet too far outward from their original position. Sometimes these types of injuries happen gradually over time if you have a high arch in your feet which puts more strain on the ligaments around it!

When it comes to injuries to the ball of the foot (or metatarsals) they often occur from a rapid heel strike after running up onto a hard surface like dirt for example, as at the beginning of a race. This causes one or more metatarsal bones (five in total) to be smashed up against the front of the foot and sustained damage can result either from direct contact with another player’s bat or by sliding across home plate.

It is important to note that some injuries can be caused by a sudden, forceful push from the ground. This movement causes your foot and ankle to twist in an unnatural position which stretches or tears ligaments on either side of it. It is also possible for fractures at the base of the bone (near the toes) to occur when running downhill as well!


The most common baseball injury occurring in both feet and ankles is turf toe. More specifically this type of inflammation occurs if you over-turn your big toe joint while squatting with weight-bearing on one leg. If left untreated then the pain will build up gradually until it becomes too excruciatingly painful to walk without limping due to swelling and bruising along this area. The bumpy ground in baseball fields and the hard plastic of a bat handle are two common causes of this type of injury.


Derek Jeter, a Yankee shortstop, and captain. He sustained an injury in the 2008 season when he was sliding into home plate against Texas Rangers relief pitcher Robbie Ross Jr., which caused his ankle to be twisted severely outwards. Another example is Michael Young, a former infielder for the Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays who hurt his foot after fouling off a pitch from Chicago White Sox starter John Danks with two outs in the ninth inning on September 27th, 2009 at U.S Cellular Field.

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