2021 Holiday Offers

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$50 Off

Any New or Touch-Up Treatment

* Expires January 31, 2022

Pedi Smooth Moisturizing Cream & Pair Gel Socks

The combination of PediSmooth and Adessa gel socks soothe and rehydrate dry, rough feet from heel to toe. The patented gel lining is enriched with vitamins, nutrients and essential oils to restore skin’s soft and supple appearance. Adessa moisturizing gel socks are hypoallergenic, washable and reusable. Use of PediSmooth with the Adessa gel socks leaves feet feeling healthy, hydrated and smooth.


Pedi Smooth Moisturizing Cream & Pair Gel Socks

$52 Value

Diabetic Slippers

Diabetic slippers vary greatly from normal slippers because they offer an array of health benefits and are designed with top quality materials.

The designs feature arch support, removable footbeds, adjustable closure designs, breathable leather uppers, and durable rubber outsoles designed with slippery floor surfaces in mind. 


Diabetic Special: Diabetic Slippers

$75 Value

Diabetic Socks

For diabetics, protecting their feet is vital and that challenge doesn’t stop when they are resting at home.
A diabetic sock is a non-restrictive, but close fitting sock which is designed to alleviate pressures on the foot or leg.


Diabetic Special: 3 Pack Diabetic Socks

$39 Value

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